Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Number 3!

I would guess you've all heard by now that little Welton number 3 is on the way!  I waited to take the pregnancy test until last Wednesday because that was the day my parents were coming and I knew I couldn't keep it a secret :)  Keith was in utter disbelief that I had warned him a couple days in advance that it was very likely!  He says I say that every month :)
So mom and dad arrived and we gave them the tour and unloaded stuff and when Keith got home he put Samy in her "I'm the big sister" shirt.  He sent her down to Grammy.  Samy said, "Look at my big girl shirt."  Grammy read it and said, "Well, I guess one day you will be a big sister."  I started laughing, "No, that's supposed to be a hint, Mom!"  Then we went up to Papaw, who reacted with even less recognition of Samy's announcement, but the look on his face was priceless when we said, "No, Samy is going to be a big sister!"  I wish we had recorded that!!  We got the kids on tape...oh my.  Isaac's face was so funny!  We told them we had a surprise for them.  We were getting something new.  So Keith says, "A new baby brother or sister!"  Isaac makes this face of confusion and then exclaims, "I wanted a toy!!"  Figures :)  and upon a little further discussion he asks, "Today?" 

We let Samy get on the phone with Keith's parents and tell them she was going to be a big sister, they were very excited and surprised!

So, I'm feeling pregnant :)  no doubt about that.  Monday as I was chopping up fixin's for guacamole the nausea hit me (the smell of dinner cooking next to me wasn't helping either).  It was coming in waves for the first couple days and the last two days has been pretty much constant.  So far this one is more difficult than the first two, but at least I know everything is working!  I love being least I remember loving it, though Keith says I seem to forget all the difficulties of it :)  I love feeling baby move most of all!  I love how God knits together a little person inside my womb--it is just so astounding that I continue on with everyday life and then there's this new little person!!  I do, as I candidly confessed to my care group ladies, love having a new wardrobe for a few months :)  If it weren't for Meghann Roberts I wouldn't love that part so much!

Will we find out what we're having?  Jury is still out on that.  I'm not good at waiting for surprises, but it does seem like it would heighten the excitement and anticipation, so we'll see :)

More on Mom and Dad's visit shortly...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo tour of our new home

Well since the house was relatively clean from having our dear friend Melissa over last night (I'm almost certain she was the reason I cleaned the last time we moved and i finally posted pictures) I took some pictures this morning for all you too far away to come visit us. And I thought I'd give you some commentary with it :)

So some of my very favorite things:
original doors in the bedrooms (including a skeleton key that works, and the fabulous knobs)
the huge mantel (though I don't know what to put on it yet--it is currently home to everything pretty that comes out of a box)
the etched glass doors on the book shelves (so maybe I should just include the entire fireplace wall!)
the molding all over the house--it's so big
the front porch--oh those swings are just wonderful
kitchen cabinets with those pull-out drawers and built in spice rack
the giant exposed wood beams in the basement that are actually holding our house up :)
the many nooks and crannies that come with an old house

We only painted one room so far, the master bedroom, but my head is full of ideas! Those will be taking a backseat to the long list of practical projects.
The basement is currently in shambles (not that it was super nice before) b/c Keith is trying to make sure the floor and walls are all sealed so we can suck the radon out. We're hoping we'll be able to get it fixed up and have someone live with us. We bought a wood-burning stove to replace the very inefficient fire place and heat this big ol' place. We need a new chimney liner anyway. My parents will be up in less than two weeks to help with radon, electrical stuff (don't know if you can see the mess of wires in the basement), and mom will help me with the pretty stuff :)

Oh, so the video store in the basement was from the previous owners. He works for the Boys and Girls Club and spoke at some video distributors or producers thing way back. Someone found out he had kids and started sending him videos. He said they would frequently get movies before they were even in the theaters (we've watched one and it frequently reminds you "This film is for screening and not to be sold or copied" or something like that). There is definitely alot of junk but lots of good films in there too (many still in shrink wrap--like 8 copies of Return of the Jedi).

I didn't make it to the backyard and out buildings, that will have to be another day and another post. Hope you can all come to the "Welton Country Resort" (this is what Melissa has deemed it) and stay a while :)