Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Three-Year Old's Prayers

We always pray with the kids before bed. Tonight I prayed with them both together (Keith is at care group) and then when I was tucking Isaac in he asked me to pray for him again. He said, "I like it when you pray." I told him he didn't need mommy or daddy to pray and that he could pray all by himself. He seemed a little surprised :) He asked me, "Where's God? Is He at church? Is He a bee? Is He hiding?" He makes me laugh! So after trying to explain something rather unexplainable, I kissed him goodnight and left. A few minutes later I listened at his door as he prayed. Melt a mother's heart!! He thanked God for everything: mommy and daddy and Samy, for putting us all together, beds, walls, bikes, trains, Lightning McQueen, Mr. Incredible, Veggie Tales, food, Grandma, Rachel (one of his sitters), elephant tents...seriously everything he could think of. I could hardly keep my laughter in! Then he very sweetly asked God to help him obey and to help mommy be patient. After he started recounting the Thomas the train video he watched today I quit listening :)
I could have cried. What a very precious moment I'm so grateful I got to listen in on!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great Falls & a New Bike

A few weeks ago we spent our beautiful Saturday (this was actually the same week or our huge snow) at Great Falls State Park. We had a pleasant little hike to the falls and a picnic on the rocks beside the Potomac River. Isaac kept asking where the playground was but didn't want to leave after he started climbing on the rocks :o)

The next Saturday we headed to Toys R Us and got Isaac his first bicycle. Hard to believe my little boy is on a bike already! We tried to talk him into the Spiderman bike that was on sale, but once he saw Lightning McQueen there was no going back. And other than steering, he's doing a great job and loves it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Isaac quotes of the week

Isaac has been in rare form again and I just had to share :o)

While we were throwing snowballs across the frozen pond and watching them slide across to the other side, Isaac asked if he could go slide on the ice too. I told him the ice wasn't very thick and he might fall through into the cold water. And he said, "Then I might die and Jesus would have to make me again." I'm glad something from our bible reading has stuck.

We went to Target yesterday and I let the kids each pick something from the dollar section. Samy of course picked a necklace and Isaac got a plastic goat. Last night while I was making dinner Isaac was sitting on the couch watching me and I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Just sitting here with my goat." I never thought that was a sentence I would hear in our house :o)

Then this morning we were playing upstairs and he had been looking for his goat but didn't find it. A few minutes later he was in his room and I found his goat in Samy's room and called to him that I found it. He came running in and said, "I was just praying that I would find it!" So precious! Though it's slightly odd that he's attached to a plastic goat :o)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mr. Incredible

No, I'm not talking about Keith (though the title certainly fits him!). My sweet little boy always wants to dress up when Samy puts on her princess dresses, and yesterday I asked him what kind of dress-up clothes he might want. I asked, "Would you like to dress up like Mr. Incredible?" Of course he was excited about that so I set to finding something black to make a mask out of. One of Keith's old dress socks worked well, and then we needed red shirt and pants. Isaac has a red shirt but no pants, so we raided Samy's drawer :o) They only came to about mid-calf and he frequently had a plumber's crack but he wouldn't take it off. I don't know why we buy toys :o)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white March

Keith and I have been rejoicing that spring was finally getting near as February ended. We got soft those years in Orlando and could hardly stand 4 months of freezing :o) And then March came and it snowed like it hasn't snowed in years. I heard one weather man compare it to the blizzard of 1993 (which too happened in March). I remember that blizzard...my family had just moved into our new house and didn't even have door knobs on the doors yet. We stuffed towels in the holes. It happened to be the weekend we got to meet my now sister-in-law, who at that time, wasn't real down with not having a hair dryer, let alone not getting to shower. And of course we lost power for a couple days so we all got to see the real Kim :o) fun to laugh about now, probably not much fun for her at the time. We put our ice cream out in the snow to keep in from melting and our dog ate it and then got sick all over the new house. The fireplace wasn't totally finished (or inspected) but we made a fire and cooked hot dogs on it. What an adventure!
Thankfully this snow wasn't quite so adventurous for us. We measured almost 7 inches on our back porch. Keith made the kids a snow tunnel in the backyard and Isaac and I made Frosty the sequel down by the pond.
Its so beautiful to see all the white everywhere! The first morning you could barely make out where the road was, the brightly colored toys in the backyard were just white. It reminded me of Isaiah 1:18 that says "though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool." But the Lord doesn't just cover us in a blanket of white that will melt away in the sun, He has washed us clean in the blood of His Son so that there is no chance of a little bit of red peeking out from under the white. We ARE totally white in God's sight; we wear the righteousness of Christ!