Sunday, May 30, 2010

In every change, He is faithful

Change seems to be always in the air, though probably all of you who read this already know :) Keith has a new job! Well, he's accepted it, but won't start for another month or so. He's just moving upstairs to Covenant Life Church (Sovereign Grace is in the same building) to work with one of the pastors, Mark Mitchell. We'll let you know more what he's doing once he starts but the part he's most excited about is a ministry called Marketplace Ambassadors, aimed at encouraging folks in the secular workforce, which is most people. He has a real heart to connect theology to this everyday task that often becomes tiresome and a burden. He longs to see folks realize the great privilege and responsibility God has entrusted us with in work! I should let him blog about that sometime :)
Oh, and he'll continue teaching Greek at the Pastors College at least for a while, which he loves doing!

So, now that we know our wanderings in Maryland aren't through yet, we're house hunting!! It's fun but discouraging at times. You would not believe how expensive houses are here (unless you live here, then you know)! Let's just say we're looking at houses that cost TWICE as much as we sold our house in Orlando for!! And they're not that nice :) But we're confident God will provide exactly what we need (even if it's different than what we think we need) at exactly the right time (even if it's not when we'd prefer)! He always has and always will. The Lord's faithfulness has been our confidence throughout the last two years in particular as we made the major move up here (with a job offer we truly only thought would happen in our dreams!) and as we've walked through knowing Keith was going to need to change jobs again at the end of this year. We have seen such particular answers to prayer over the years that it's hard to doubt God's faithfulness. The answers didn't come as quickly as we would have liked, but to look back is to know that God knows much better than we do, and that it was perfect timing. I love to reminisce and recount the many small and great works of His hand in our lives.

So, we'll keep you posted on the house hunt :) We love seeing all the old houses up here and would love to have "an old house with character" but so far the few in our price range haven't worked out.
The kids have been troopers going with us to look. Their favorites are the ones with the best toys or that have playgrounds in the yard :) And the first thing Isaac looks for when we walk into a house is the basement, because that is a must for him :) Samy frequently has her face buried in my shoulder saying, "It's stinky." Many have been stinky, in her defense :)

Graduation for this year's Pastors College class is a week from today! Every time it's mentioned my eyes well up with tears. I'm going to miss these dear ladies! I have learned so much from them during those usually brief interactions at gym day or in the 'hood, but lots through email after email (these gals know how to email!!). Seeing their faith in action as they have had many significant trials (and in the everyday temptations as well) this year has only served to strengthen my faith in the greatness and loving kindness of our God! Thank you gals :)
Wow, I didn't mean to write so much, but it's been a while :) Hopefully more soon...

Monday, May 17, 2010


Isaac and Samy got some stickers from Trader Joe's earlier today. Our TJ's friend Howard (a very nice worker who always says "Hi Miss Amanda") gave them to them and said they were new, and I commented on the new summer design.
Well, after dinner Isaac was running around with his stickers and saying "These are the spring-salt ones!" Spring-salt?? "Oh, you mean somersault" I finally figured out!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our little girl

Our sweet little Samy turned three, well, almost a month ago now :) But I didn't want to skip posting about it, even if I am rather late!

She is definitely growing up, and seeming more like a little girl everyday and less like our little baby. She still loves everything "girly", particularly princesses and dresses. She tells us what she wants to wear everyday (always a dress) and then usually puts a dress-up dress on over that for a majority of the day :) She often corrects Keith on his choice of clothing, saying "That doesn't match Daddy!"
She loves to sing and twirl to the music. She's very tender and caring. She loves to play "homey home" with Isaac (their version of house), caring for their "little cuties"...feeding them, changing them, bathing them, putting them to bed, kissing boo boos.
She has done a 180 on her shyness and now says "hi" to everyone who passes by! She always wants to come down to say hi to our care group. No longer hiding behind mommy's leg (usually)!
Anytime she observes someone being less than kind, she comments, "Him not obeying Jesus." Though she doesn't seem to yet have the same view when she acts that way toward her brother :) (And she almost always says "her" or "him" instead of "he" or "she"--I hope she doesn't outgrow that anytime soon)

We are so grateful for our little Samy and her tender heart! She has certainly given us our share of grief, but we wouldn't trade her for the world! She is a precious little gem and gift from our Savior! We love you Samy girl!!

What better way to celebrate her birthday than princess style! All us gals wore our tiaras and we had a pink castle cake. I so wish I had videoed her face when she saw that cake! It was worth the hours I spent making it :)
Enjoy the pictures...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Easter pics

Some Easter pictures...

Long overdue photos

This was back in March, but too cute not to post. Here are Samy and her "cuties" at church...

And here is their teacher...

And I tried to catch "Belle" and "Gaston" in action, but only got Isaac's back. This is Gaston (notice he's "tromping around wearing boots like Gaston") locking Belle up so she can't warn the Beast!