Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still alive up here!

Quiet on here huh? :) We've had a very full couple weeks.
Keith had a great time at Together for the Gospel and was greatly encouraged and provoked by the godly men there! A special treat for him to have lots of "guy time," something he doesn't get much of at home. He got spend almost a full day with my brother, have a reunion dinner with last year's PC class, and lunch with a dear old friend from Knoxville. He had to share a room with a freight train of a snorer (who shall remain nameless here!) but figured out turning the TV up really loud with fuzz drowned him out :) We were glad to get him home again, but so glad to send him too!

While he was gone, my parents arrived! We took a not-so-wise trip to Mount Vernon, had an egg hunt, and celebrated Samy's birthday. Pictures coming soon :)

We were slowly getting back into the swing of things when we received word last Wednesday night that Keith's grandmother had passed away suddenly. She was turning 85 last week, but was in good health, so it was quite a surprise and of course very sad. Keith was able to fly down Friday morning to be with his family for the funeral. It was a really rare time for him to hang out with his sister and actually have conversations with his mom and other relatives without kids crawling all over him :) We were so glad he could go and be there for his mom!! He got home Sunday afternoon.

I headed to my dear friend Laura's house after dropping Keith at the airport in Baltimore. She is one of my best friends from college and she, her husband, and daughter live on the east side of Maryland. The kids and I got to enjoy the entire morning with them! It was such a blessing and always good to be with her :)

So, now we're trying to get back to normal routines again, but my mom is coming back this Thursday with a friend for my church's ladies retreat! I'm so glad to have her back!! Twice in a month is just unheard of :)
I'll try to get pictures up soon and more on my little 3-year-old!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update to the Lego story :)

Well, by God's great mercy, Keith and Isaac were only gone from the house for about 2 hours on their trip to the ER! and probably an hour of that was driving and getting ice cream! I questioned Keith's rewarding the boy for sticking a Lego up his nose though :)

Keith reported it took all of 30 seconds with the right tool to get it out. And they didn't even bring home our $100 Lego! It was a skinny round grey one, which was hard to see amid his runny nose or we would have tried to get it out, we couldn't see it.

So, I am grateful that it was only for this we were visiting the ER and that it was so simple!
Keith left for Together for the Gospel in KY this morning. Me and my two sick kiddos (yes, Samy has a runny nose too now) will be holding down the fort and my parents will be here in just a couple days! We're all looking forward to their visit and celebrating Samy's third birthday Saturday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little boys

Last night Isaac went to bed with a sore throat. An hour later he woke up coughing like a seal. We did the steamy bathroom thing and got the humidifier going in his room and I was in several times throughout the night. He woke up this morning with a runny nose, but acting totally normal.
We were all out in the backyard this morning, weeding and such. Isaac had just gone in and was playing in his room with the window open, which looks onto the backyard. We hear him crying and he's looking out the window saying, "I can't get it out!"
I don't know if he was trying to stop the perpetual pouring from his nostril but he shoved a Lego up his nose! He and Keith are at the ER as we speak.
My sister-in-law called me while we were getting them out the door and her reply to our predicament, "Welcome to mothering boys!"
I must say I'm pretty surprised this is our first trip to the ER, though not the first Lego he's put in his body :) He swallowed one just after his hernia surgery.
Praying God will have mercy on my sick little boy and his daddy and there won't be a long wait. And also that it wouldn't be too difficult to get out.