Friday, June 27, 2008

My first blog post ever!

Welcome to our blog!

Here we are still enjoying the sunny state of Florida. We're living in a little city outside Orlando in a rental house in the historic district. Big, old, southern homes. A gorgeous river just blocks away. Parks and old churches every two blocks. It is a beautiful area, though I can't say the same for the house we are living in :o) I am being squeezed daily as I embrace God's answer to my prayers after college to live in a hut in the jungle--haha! Isaac and Samy love our almost daily trips to the playground. We're adjusting, though hoping we won't be here long. Here are some pictures of our recent adventures...


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to keeping up with you. Blogs really can be a gift from God for family and distant friends.

    Love you- miss you,


  2. YAY!! I love seeing pictures of your cutie pies and keeping up (even more)with you =). See you soon!!! =)

  3. Hey girl!
    So excited to hear from you and now a great way to keep up! Your kids are so cute - wow, 2 of 'em. How fun.

    Joni :)