Monday, August 3, 2009

Isaac's Fourth Birthday

Hard to believe, but our little guy turned 4 last week! We had a pretty low-key day. We had expected Keith's dad and step-mom, but an illness kept them from getting up last week. So, I took the kids to the pool since Isaac loves it so much--we were there from about 10 till 2! I had some tired kiddos :) We had Isaac's favorite for dinner: home-made mac 'n cheese with tomatoes. Then a Lightning McQueen cake, of course! He said I did a good job on it but I'm not sure he'll be seeing anymore such fancy cakes, after two hours of decorating, it was looked at for 2 minutes and eaten :) But I'm glad he enjoyed it!

He was absolutely thrilled to open his presents to find Diesel 10 and Cranky, who he's been talking about for months! And Keith had the idea to make him a mountain out a shoe box and paper mache, which turned out pretty cool, and also some extra cargo for his new crane to pick up. He's been loving it!

Isaac's silliness keeps us laughing. His love for people is just precious--he's always so excited to meet new friends! His growing faith is so very precious to our hearts! When he is hurting, he always asks to be prayed for. When he heard his grandan wasn't feeling well, he wanted to pray for him. He won't let us put him to bed without reciting his memory verses. I love seeing the Lord work in his heart in so many ways even at this young age! There are lots of moments mommy is tempted to anger with him, but there are many more moments when he makes me laugh, and when I can say to him, "That is evidence of God's grace!" He is such a treasure to our family :)

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