Monday, April 12, 2010

Update to the Lego story :)

Well, by God's great mercy, Keith and Isaac were only gone from the house for about 2 hours on their trip to the ER! and probably an hour of that was driving and getting ice cream! I questioned Keith's rewarding the boy for sticking a Lego up his nose though :)

Keith reported it took all of 30 seconds with the right tool to get it out. And they didn't even bring home our $100 Lego! It was a skinny round grey one, which was hard to see amid his runny nose or we would have tried to get it out, we couldn't see it.

So, I am grateful that it was only for this we were visiting the ER and that it was so simple!
Keith left for Together for the Gospel in KY this morning. Me and my two sick kiddos (yes, Samy has a runny nose too now) will be holding down the fort and my parents will be here in just a couple days! We're all looking forward to their visit and celebrating Samy's third birthday Saturday!


  1. Yay! I'm glad the time at the ER was so short. My man is looking forward to seeing your man at T4G. I will be praying for you being home with sick babies. Much grace for you my friend!

  2. So glad your little guy is alright. The ER is not a fun place to take kids! But now, they're sick again??? Oh, Amanda. Glad your parents are visiting! Sounds like you could use some ice cream:)