Monday, May 10, 2010

Our little girl

Our sweet little Samy turned three, well, almost a month ago now :) But I didn't want to skip posting about it, even if I am rather late!

She is definitely growing up, and seeming more like a little girl everyday and less like our little baby. She still loves everything "girly", particularly princesses and dresses. She tells us what she wants to wear everyday (always a dress) and then usually puts a dress-up dress on over that for a majority of the day :) She often corrects Keith on his choice of clothing, saying "That doesn't match Daddy!"
She loves to sing and twirl to the music. She's very tender and caring. She loves to play "homey home" with Isaac (their version of house), caring for their "little cuties"...feeding them, changing them, bathing them, putting them to bed, kissing boo boos.
She has done a 180 on her shyness and now says "hi" to everyone who passes by! She always wants to come down to say hi to our care group. No longer hiding behind mommy's leg (usually)!
Anytime she observes someone being less than kind, she comments, "Him not obeying Jesus." Though she doesn't seem to yet have the same view when she acts that way toward her brother :) (And she almost always says "her" or "him" instead of "he" or "she"--I hope she doesn't outgrow that anytime soon)

We are so grateful for our little Samy and her tender heart! She has certainly given us our share of grief, but we wouldn't trade her for the world! She is a precious little gem and gift from our Savior! We love you Samy girl!!

What better way to celebrate her birthday than princess style! All us gals wore our tiaras and we had a pink castle cake. I so wish I had videoed her face when she saw that cake! It was worth the hours I spent making it :)
Enjoy the pictures...

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