Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isaac started school!!

Ok, I think this brings us to the present :)
Isaac started school the Tuesday after Kieran left.  He was one excited boy!!  He's going to the school at our church.  There are two kindergarten classes--one in the morning and one afternoon, both with 12 students (i think).  On Tuesdays both classes come for the whole day, but all other days are only 8-11. 
Isaac still enjoys school very much.  Excited every morning to go.  Today he was "star of the day", so he got to bring something in for "show and share", be the line leader, use the pointer to count the days with the class, and wear a sticker that says "Star of the day".  He loved it :)  He seems to be doing well and paying attention.  So far so good.  Samy is a little sad she doesn't get to go, but I'm happy to get some time with my little girl!  We've been playing Strawberry Shortcake and dollhouse and doing a little baking.
Here's Isaac on his first day--picture under the house numbers as is the tradition in this house :)

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