Friday, October 29, 2010

Beach trip 2010

Almost a month ago now (yikes!) we set off for South Carolina for 5 days of glorious beach weather with my whole family!  It was truly beautiful and sunny the entire time, could have been a little warmer, but what do you expect in October :)  I, myself, didn't go past my ankles in the water with the chilly wind blowing, but all the kids and big boys and my brave sister enjoyed the waves.  Isaac would be shivering with blue lips but refuse to leave the water. 
This beach house is such a gift from God!!  My dad and his siblings own a time-share of it, and we have been the blessed recipients of a few weeks over the years :)  It is just wonderful to sit on the back porch eating breakfast as the sun rises and the dolphins play in the water.  It is so peaceful to swing on one of the hammocks and read or take a nap with the ocean waves in the background.  It is so much fun to have the whole family under one roof and be able to share all the laughter that we do.  And I think a highlight for me was the night we played the "name game" all together.  Oh my, we were all laughing so hard we were crying.  It was hilarious!!  So many memories for Keith and I, and we hope for the kids as well.  They certainly talk about it enough we think they remember :)
So, we played on the beach, relaxed on the porch, played some shuffle board (Keith and I beat my parents, by the way!), guys went golfing, ladies went shopping, ate way too much, laughed plenty.  It was great :)  Enjoy the pics...

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