Monday, April 18, 2011

Samantha's Fourth Birthday and Easter Egg Hunt

Our little girl turned four yesterday!  Hard to believe it's been that long since we had her and we are so grateful the Lord put her in our family!  She is snuggly and gentle, tender and caring, inquisitive and observant.  She can remember every detail of stories we read.  We laugh that she knows her Sunday school answers :)  The story of the Sunday school teacher asking the class "What is small, brown, furry and gathers acorns?"  And the class answering "Jesus!"  That would be Samy :)  But she also has such a tender heart and growing faith in the Lord!  One day after being corrected for her bad attitude, she asked me without prompting if we could pray for her.  She is frequently aware of how her sin hurts her Heavenly Father.

We celebrated with cake a week early just in case we were at the hospital for her real birthday.  Our neighbors came over to enjoy the cake with us.  And Saturday we had ice cream sundaes and opened presents.  She's so opposite of her brother, who is VERY expressive.  She on the other hand didn't crack a smile while we sang, but was concentrating fully of blowing out the candles.  And even opening presents, I saw very few smiles and certainly no squeals of excitment like her brother (or mom for that matter!).

We also had our egg hunt with Grammy and Papaw since they're here and we are still awaiting baby.  Here's some pics...

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