Thursday, June 9, 2011

Isaac the Graduate

Yesterday was Isaac's kindergarten graduation picnic!  It has been a wonderful year at school, I know Isaac will miss his buddies and Mrs. Goodling, his teacher.  They gave the kids "diplomas" and each child received an award for character traits that they demonstrated throughout the year.  It was so precious!  And I was almost in tears listening to each award as I've gotten to know Isaac's class so well because Samy and I helped almost every Wednesday morning (until Luke!).  Isaac received the contentment award--something he's certainly grown in at home too. 

Isaac has certainly worked hard this year and been an eager learner!  He's one of the top readers in his class and is way beyond kindergarten level in math (must take after both mommy and daddy!).  We're so proud of you big boy for doing an excellent job at school this year!!

Isaac and his buddy Ky

Lukey at the picnic

Mrs. Goodling

Mrs. Henry, Isaac's art teacher and teacher's aid

just cute :)

Here's my first attempt at putting up a video...Isaac getting his diploma and award.

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  1. Congratulations Isaac!!! By Gods grace you did great in Kindergarten as your mom tells us here in her blog. May God continue blessing you in all the years to come and may you keep his word in your heart ever. May God continue blessing your parents in supporting and helping you in your journey from 1st grade through 12th.

    Marlia Piedramartel