Saturday, October 11, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

We are certainly enjoying our new home--quite a nice change from our last one! And surprisingly one of our very favorite parts is having carpet in the family room again. Keith and the kids had so missed being able to wrestle around on the floor (our last home had tile), so now there is frequently a big tickle fight on the floor after dinner.

Our kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and family room form a loop and our kids have made it their track. If they're not being tickled than they are running! It is so funny to watch them entertain themselves by just running around and around the loop, laughing the whole time. I'm glad they have so much energy :o)

I haven't had my camera out much since we moved--just been busy unpacking and trying to get back into a routine and meet some new people. But I will take pictures of the house very soon! Here is one of the pond that is down the hill in front of our house, which is really pretty with big weeping willows by it. Isaac and Samy like throwing rocks in it, and Isaac likes exploring the "100 acre woods" next to it (my mom gave it that name and it stuck).


  1. Keith and Amanda!! Can I just say how happy I am you guys are here in MD? I see God's handiwork all over your move. I can't wait to get to know you guys!!

    With gratitude,
    Melissa Goins

  2. Awww...those are some GREAT favorite things!!! It's so fun to be able to hear the kiddos laugh so hard while being tickled and to explore that beautiful "100 acres woods", isn't it?!?! We took the little boat through the woods in our neighborhood and all got eaten up by mosquitoes tonight! Hopefully it'll be better in a couple of weeks! I loved the update and pictures from the beach, too! Isaac already looks bigger!