Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peaceful situation

I have been reading an excellent biography on John Newton (author of Amazing Grace) by Jonathan Aitken, which I would highly recommend! I just had to share this wonderful quote from Mr. Newton with you.
It comes shortly after his deliverance from a nearly sinking ship. God had spared his life again and again in the craziest of circumstances, most of which were brought on by his own sinful lifestyle. And the Lord kindly delivered him again as his ship was nearly lost at sea in a horrible storm. After they arrived to the “safety” of land, Newton went hunting with the mayor. He broke all the rules of safety by leaving his loaded gun with barrels tilted toward his face. The gun accidently went off, coming so close to his head that it burned the corner of his hat! This was Newton’s reflection on this close call:
“Thus when we think of ourselves in the greatest safety we are no less exposed to danger than when all seems conspiring to destroy us. The divine providence that is sufficient to deliver us in our utmost extremity is equally necessary in the most peaceful situation.”

May we all take comfort in the One who holds all of our days!

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  1. That is so true. We had a near tragic experience in a parking lot yesterday and after thanking God over and over again for His mercy I realized how often I don't realize how merciful He is to us moment by moment, whether I notice or not! Thank God that He does hold ALL of our days. I can't imagine life any other way!!