Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas celebrations

What a dear thing to celebrate the birth of the Savior with our family this past week! It felt like a very unusual Christmas with the greater amount of driving this year, but we were so glad to see our families!
We went to Union Station a couple weeks ago for some family fun and to what turned out to be a rather disappointing model train display. We took the Metro, and let me tell you, you have never seen two kids more excited about riding mass transit! They were far more impressed by riding a "choo choo" than the display at Union Station. The Capital is just two blocks from there so we made the cold walk for a short visit.
We enjoyed our own little family Christmas before heading south with a big breakfast then presents. Isaac came running back upstairs that morning saying, "Mommy, there's presents under the tree!!!" We were grateful to be able to give our kids a couple small gifts, but even more grateful that we can tell them of the greatest gift of all and why we celebrate Christmas.

We first made the long leg of the journey to Tennessee to be with my family for a couple short days. Isaac and Samy didn't sleep well the whole trip which made for some irritable children (and now we know they were getting sick too). Samy loved playing with her cousins! Maybe it's because they don't hit her all the time like her usual playmate :o) Isaac just wasn't quite himself and kept disappearing and wanting to play alone (or with Grammy). But he was so patient as we drew names for opening presents and was next to last of the 9 grand kids.

On to Georgia! Isaac had hours of fun with his favorite thing at Grandan & Bubbe's, Pac Man (one of those plug-in joysticks with several old school video games). In times past he's only wanted to watch others get "ate up" by the ghosts or crash the car in Pole Position, but this time he actually played and did pretty well for a 3 year old. We took on a 3-D puzzle and the four-wheeler.

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  1. Is that pic on the top of your template one of the ones brit took? Beautiful!