Friday, April 3, 2009

The Lord's great work

Just before last Easter we bought the kids "An Easter Carol"--my very favorite of the Veggie Tales videos. It follows the same sort of plot as "A Christmas Carol" with a zucchini named Ebenezer who thinks Easter is about plastic eggs and bunnies and baskets. The reason I love this video is the precious song that "Hope" (voice of Rebecca St. James) sings. It speaks the powerful message of the hope that we have through Jesus Christ!

The kids have been watching "An Easter Carol" again recently (though they have been playing with eggs all year!) and this year Isaac is asking questions. I love watching God work in his little heart! So,we've been reading about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ in a couple of his little Bible story books. Tonight as I was putting him to bed (I don't know why these conversations always happen at bedtime) and reading from his "Big Picture Story Bible" about God's forever King, Jesus, dying on the cross, being buried, rising again and then ascending to heaven (I must have read for a good 30 minutes--he was just so excited he had to know what happened next so we kept going and going), we had another sweet discussion. It went something like this:

Isaac: Where's he going?
Me: To heaven to be with God and be King forever.
Isaac: I want to go!
Me: You can be with Jesus forever in heaven if you trust the He paid for all your disobediences to God's Word with His death and let Him be your King.
Isaac: Can I go now?

Why doesn't Keith get these questions :o)

Could the Lord present an easier opportunity to share the gospel with my little boy?? What a privilege to share such precious truth with my child!! And how humbling to see how little effect my explanation had on him as he quickly jumped from wanting to be with Jesus in heaven to showing me how he can make the letter "T" with his fingers :) It is truly the Lord who works in our hearts to believe and love the truth of the gospel!

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