Friday, September 4, 2009


So here comes a little catch up after a terribly slack job at blogging last month :)
My dear friend from last year's PC class came with her husband to the Worship God conference so the kids and I got to spend a day with her and Charis! It was so good to see them again!!!!

One Saturday we packed up and headed to Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate. It was so neat! It's more than just a house, it's a whole plantation. Washington wanted to be self-sustaining so he raised his own food, and even had the servants' clothes made there. It was very educational and the kids actually enjoyed it :)

Samy had her first haircut! Isaac was getting his cut and she really wanted hers cut too, so I evened up the back. Then they both got ice cream because they did so well.

After much anticipation, Keith's dad and step-mom arrived safely one Monday afternoon! We had a wonderful week with them and made lots of memories. The kids had a blast playing "wolf" with Grandan in the basement everyday, as he'd jump out and scare them. We all went to DC on Wednesday and saw tons of sights (even ran into one PC family!) in the hot sun, the kids were such troopers! We made a trip to Bruester's for some ice cream, played a few games. We never made it to the pool, much to Isaac's disappointment--he really wanted to show them how he can go off the diving board. It was such a wonderful time and we're so grateful they would make the long drive to see us!

There's also a few pictures from the Pastors College ladies' lunch and orientation day.
Here are some pictures...

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  1. Those pictures of the kids hugging just makes me melt!!! I miss you guys so much. Oh and nice job on the hair-cut! Love you.