Monday, September 14, 2009

Seven amazing years!

Labor Day marked our seventh anniversary! In some ways it's hard to believe it's been that long, and in others it seems like a lifetime ago! Things sure have changed since we said "I do" and all of those changes have been drenched in God's amazing grace to us!! We are so aware of how differently our lives would look if God had not intervened and made our blind eyes see. I don't think Keith would have made it seven years with me apart from the grace of God--I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have made it either. Keith is an amazing man and I see more each year. Particularly evident this past year was his humility and growth in leadership in our home. I am always struck when I see him avoid drawing attention to himself (because my tendency is exactly opposite) and respond to life's difficulties with an obvious awareness of God's sovereignty and love. He knows his giftings and he knows his limitations and there is no pretense of otherwise. I can honestly say I love him more now than I did seven years ago and by God's grace that will only continue to increase over the rest of our lifetime together!

So Keith kind of surprised me for our anniversary...surprised in that he made all the plans and arrangements before he told me, but figured since it meant a night away for the kids I would need some preparation time. We left our kiddos with our dear friends, the Reinkes, that Friday night. This was their first "sleep over" any where other than with grandparents so I wasn't sure how it would go, but they love the Reinkes so much they were both excited to go--even Samy! We went to dinner and walked around a lake without worry of keeping our sitters out late and enjoyed a late night movie with the sound up loud :) Saturday morning we went to The Original Pancake House and had one heck of a breakfast! I don't think you should actually call my apple pancakes breakfast, more like an apple pie! Then we had planned a long bike ride on a beautiful trail that goes from Gaithersburg into to DC, about 13 miles, though we didn't think we'd make it the whole way :) so a couple miles down the trail Keith's tire pops and we had a real nice walk back to the car :)

There's also a couple pictures of a new puzzle Isaac got and Samy with her new headbands (courtesy of Bubbe's Kohl's cash!).

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  1. Boy, am I grateful that God brought you two together...and then brought you to Florida! =) Praise Him that your relationship is growing and that He continues to draw your hearts towards one another! Oh, and did you eat ALL those pancakes?!?! =)