Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunshine shining on me!

I have never been so grateful to see 50 degrees as I was this week :) After all the snow and cold and winds (and sickies), we were all SO ready to get outside in the sun! Saturday was supposed to be warmer, but was still so windy that it felt cold. We braved it briefly for a ride around the hood. But yesterday was truly fabulous and warm (comparatively speaking) with a bright shining sun! We went to the "big playground" and took a long walk. There was another family from our church there and one of their dear girls took some pictures of the kids:

Today was another beautiful day so we were out again. I just find it humorous that they still want to play in the snow :)

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  1. Love love the pic with Samy's hair in her face. So good.