Sunday, July 25, 2010

Date with Samy

If you've ever been around our little Samy, you know she is all girl.  She just came out of the womb that way!  I remember her at 10 months old crying because she wanted a bracelet on and couldn't get it :)

This afternoon Keith and I took our little dates with the kids and it was my turn with Samy.  Not knowing this area well, I headed to a shopping center hoping for something that she would enjoy.  We went in Home Goods where Samy enjoyed sitting on every chair we passed, pulling open every drawer to every jewelry box, admiring the pink polka-dotted piggy banks, pointing out the crowns and slippers on artwork, and just being a real cutie :)  Then we went into TJ Maxx next door...oh it was a hoot!  We spent some time in the "dress up" section looking at all the fluffy skirts and princess jewelry and make-up, then we walked by the shoes, the adult shoes mind you.  She wanted to try on every pair there was, it was so funny!  She was trying to walk around in high heels and huge flip flops with fake jewels glued to the them.  I only wish I had a camera.  "Look Mommy, just like Cinderella!" she would tell me in the high heels.
I do love that little doll baby of mine :)
Then we headed to McDonald's for $1 ice cream sundaes.  The part I love about this is that Samy kept saying, "Old McDonald has ice cream!"  And that is all my children will ever know about the golden arches :)

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  1. Shopping excursions are the BEST! They just get better as the years go by!