Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's official!

We are officially home owners again! Closed on the new house yesterday, and to say we are amazed at God's kindness in the whole process is an understatement! From beginning to end buying this home has been a JOY, not a hassle, not stressful, not complicated. The owners are just as wonderful as they come! They were relaying to us on the final walk through how their grown son was crying the last night saying goodbye to his home of 28 years. I would be a mess and the husband was certainly fighting back the tears. I loved hearing our realtor, Wes (who is absolutely the BEST realtor in the world!!) telling the sellers that it is God's grace through them, through their love and care over all those years that would cause their son to be so touched in saying goodbye. It was just such a sweet time signing the papers, talking, and just feeling like a bunch of old friends! I'm confident we will be seeing more of these dear people as the years pass. And to top it all off, they gave us a very generous gift as they left! As if this wonderful house and the many great things they left in it for us weren't enough! Oh, we are amazed as we look at God's perfect timing and order and sovereign hand ruling over our everyday, right down to that haircut that started it all :)

We went straight on over to the new house with our dinner and explored and started painting the master bedroom. Our neighbors even came by to welcome us and introduce themselves. The kids are thrilled and Isaac is just asking all the time when we're going back over. Here are some pictures from last night:
Dinner on the picnic table they left for us :)

Samy finding her room. She laid right down like she was going to bed :)
Isaac enjoying the view from his window.

The adorable package of cookies the settlement attorney gave us, that looks a bit like our house.

And the four of us on the front porch.


  1. I am so happy for ya'll. It is a beautiful home and you will make it "come alive" again!! Hopefully when I come to see Erik & Chrissy (Nancy's son & his wife) I'll get to spend some time with ya'll.

    Love & Miss You! Betty

  2. Congratulations Keith and Amanda! It has been a joy following this process on your blog! It looks and sounds beautiful -- indeed God is kind to his people :) Love, Jill Fitzgerald (Matthew Lindsey's sister)