Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's not easy being green

I told some friends last night that I would post about some of my "green" information--organic food, natural cosmetics, etc.--and I will try to do a little each week for those who are interested (no promises of course!).
Over the last few years Keith and I have heard more and more about all the chemicals in our food and cosmetics and have desired to be more "natural" while staying within the limitations of our budget. I have strived to not be driven by fear as I learned more (which could be a real tempation!) but instead desired to make wise choices for our family that would result in better health down the road while trusting God as our ultimate protector and physician.
So here are two of my favorite websites for information about "green" things:
Organic Consumers Association and Environmental Working Group

EWG has a great cosmetic database that ranks cosmetics for safety based of FDA findings of the effects of the chemicals in them. The FDA does NOT regulate cosmetics, no one does. They also have a pesticides in produce guide you can download (I taped one to my coupon organizer so I have it when I'm shopping).

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