Thursday, August 7, 2008

"See him?"

The other night I overheard Keith praying with Isaac before bed. The conversation went something like this:

Keith: You ready to talk to God?
Isaac: See him?
Keith: Who, God?
Isaac: Yes.
Keith: You can't see God, but He's all around. Since He's all around He can hear our prayers and sees everything we do.
Isaac: Oooooh. (he has this adorable "oooooh" like "I get it")

I love to see his simple faith! Little explanation needed, no objections. Just "Oooooh." I pray my heart would respond like that when I read God's word instead of objections rising as to why that doesn't apply to me. Of course, you could tell Isaac that elephants really do fly and he'd believe you :o)

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