Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mommies day out

For the last few years many of us have gotten free tickets to Universal Studios in the mail. I was pregnant or nursing the last two times we got them, but this time I was bound and determined to go ride those roller coasters! I coaxed (OK, it didn't take more than just asking) Meghann into going with me since Keith isn't the biggest fan of theme parks. Our husbands are just the greatest guys in the world! They courageously served us by watching the kids ALL DAY while Meghann and I enjoyed some time together in a unique part of God's creation :o)

We had planned to go yesterday prior to tropical storm Fay's arrival and were wondering if we were going to get rained out, but decided we would brave the weather whatever it may be. Well, God was so very kind to us! It was sunny until about 5 when it poured! Thankfully we were waiting in a line under shelter and by the time we finished the ride (which was indoors) it was just drizzling. We actually had just dried off from being drenched by riding three water rides in a row earlier in the day.

We walked right on to all the roller coasters, and even rode one of them three times in a row. We probably would have gone again except we were so dizzy :o) Having babies does something to your equilibrium!

We had an absolutely wonderfully time talking while we walked and waited in lines and ate lunch. As Meghann put it, I think we caught up on our last two years worth of toddler interrupted conversations :o) I am so grateful for such a good friend who will initiate true biblical fellowship with me even on a roller coaster (seriously)! I am so grateful for a friend that I can trust to encourage me with truth, not allow me to continue in the deception of my sin, and ask me good questions! I am so grateful for such a dear friend to share a day of fun with! I love you, Meghann!! Thank you for being a true friend and sister in the Lord!


  1. :( I'm so jealous. I love roller coasters! Looks like you had fun. Remember me next time, ok? We still have season passes to Universal.

  2. oh, and I totally agree that having children messes with your equilibrium.

  3. What a GREAT day! Walking right up to roller coasters just makes the day for sure. I'm not sure I could do all the coasters anymore myself - y'all did awesome. You look fantastic!

    Joni :)