Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great Falls & a New Bike

A few weeks ago we spent our beautiful Saturday (this was actually the same week or our huge snow) at Great Falls State Park. We had a pleasant little hike to the falls and a picnic on the rocks beside the Potomac River. Isaac kept asking where the playground was but didn't want to leave after he started climbing on the rocks :o)

The next Saturday we headed to Toys R Us and got Isaac his first bicycle. Hard to believe my little boy is on a bike already! We tried to talk him into the Spiderman bike that was on sale, but once he saw Lightning McQueen there was no going back. And other than steering, he's doing a great job and loves it!


  1. Aww. I love you guys... and Lightning McQueen:)

  2. OK, so I think Isaac has grown a foot since y'all left. He'll have to teach Reagan how to ride a bike!! =) I'm glad you guys are getting out and making some fun memories! I love the picture of you and Samy!!