Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Isaac quotes of the week

Isaac has been in rare form again and I just had to share :o)

While we were throwing snowballs across the frozen pond and watching them slide across to the other side, Isaac asked if he could go slide on the ice too. I told him the ice wasn't very thick and he might fall through into the cold water. And he said, "Then I might die and Jesus would have to make me again." I'm glad something from our bible reading has stuck.

We went to Target yesterday and I let the kids each pick something from the dollar section. Samy of course picked a necklace and Isaac got a plastic goat. Last night while I was making dinner Isaac was sitting on the couch watching me and I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Just sitting here with my goat." I never thought that was a sentence I would hear in our house :o)

Then this morning we were playing upstairs and he had been looking for his goat but didn't find it. A few minutes later he was in his room and I found his goat in Samy's room and called to him that I found it. He came running in and said, "I was just praying that I would find it!" So precious! Though it's slightly odd that he's attached to a plastic goat :o)

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  1. Very sweet. Good to hear how you are all doing. We miss you.