Friday, May 15, 2009

Jonah was a prophet

If you've ever seen Veggie Tales' "Jonah" then you're certainly singing the song from the movie now :o)
Keith preached his first sermon a couple weeks ago! It was on Jonah 1 and God's Saving Purposes. I wasn't able to go with him that Sunday as he went with Bob Kauflin to Sovereign Grace Church of Frederick and the kids and I ended up being sick anyway. But I did get to go hear him give it in "sermon lab" the Friday before and then of course I listened to it online. It was so hard not to think about Veggie Tales while listening to him talk about Jonah--just one of those small trials of motherhood :o) But despite visions of Archibald Asparagus and the "pirates who don't do anything" running through my head I was so encouraged to be reminded that this story and the story of our lives isn't about us but about GOD and HIS purposes!
You can download his message here.

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