Friday, May 15, 2009

A visit from Grandma

Keith's mom was able to come up to visit for a few days last week and the kids just had a blast! Grandma is willing to do some of those things Mommy won't do--like pick up frogs and buy them whatever they want at the toy store :o) The first day she was here, she and I took the kids up to the field nearby and Isaac tells me, "I thanked God for Grandma." So precious!
Kieran was so kind as to keep the kids all day Thursday so Keith and I could have an all day date in DC. We toured the capital, had a quiet lunch (with no need to say "stop doing that" or "no yelling at the table"), went through the National Art Gallery, took a quick walk through the National Botanical Garden (which is smack in the middle of downtown!), and had a very brief visit to the American History Museum. Oh, and loads of walking to find the Metro to get home--we're definitely still tourists in DC :o) It was fun to be a tourist with my dearest love!

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