Monday, February 15, 2010

Results of 2 blizzards and our Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures of the kids playing after the second or was it third (I've lost count) of snow and after the plows came. 3 feet of snow + snow plows = GIANT mounds of snow! Our neighbor and one of his friends made a fort out of the plow pile at the end of our street, which the kids have enjoyed for a few days. Now Isaac doesn't even want to go out. After the melted snow refroze on top of the rest of the snow, there was no more sledding b/c you just get stuck.
One plus of being stuck at home for two weeks is Samy is potty trained!! Today is day 5 in undies with no accidents so far :) She just decided one day she really wanted to wear those princess undies and that was it!
Isaac has been working hard on his reading lessons, much more out of motivation for the Cars toy he gets when he finishes the 100 lessons than out of desire to read :) Everyday he wants to do two lessons, sometimes he asks for a third. He's doing really well with it too, and i can hardly believe it when I'm listening to him read 4 sentence stories!

On a totally different note, we had a wonderful Valentine's day! I awoke to a Starbucks latte at my bedside then we went to church and were blessed to have CJ Mahaney preaching (we get him next week too!). It was phenomenal (as usual)! This is actually the first time he's preached at CLC since we've been here! He spoke on Jude, reminding us of the Father's great love for us in that we are CALLED to salvation, LOVED by God the Father and KEPT for Jesus! Keith and I have been so refreshed this week as we've continued to contemplate the amazing love of God for us in choosing to give us salvation when we were still enemies of God.
Sunday night was the Pastors College Sweethearts Banquet--what a blast! There are like 100 people who serve at this event, giving up their Valentine's evening to serve us and it was just overwhelming. Dinner and an array of skits to inspire us in romance and intimacy from poetry, to reading Song of Songs, to singing famous love songs, to singing Fiddler on the Roof's "Do you love me?" And of course there were fun surprises for the students! What an excellent way to spend Valentine's Day :)

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