Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Survivor: Gaithersburg

Ok, maybe it's not as bad as Survivor but I certainly feel like I've just survived weather that just shouldn't happen :) HISTORIC, yes, historic amounts of snow have fallen here, the most on record EVER! Not really a surprise that it was record breaking when I look out the window. Can you believe the snow!!

Thankfully it really hasn't been bad and after making it through the first blizzard we had a blast playing in the snow (except Samy who was just inches taller than the snow fall).

So blizzard number two hit just three days after the first one ended. Our road had just been plowed Tuesday morning around 9 and by 10:30 it was snowing again. When Keith got home from work the road was covered again. We are thanking God that we have not lost power! Tomorrow when this blizzard is totally gone I'll go take some pictures of the insane amounts of white out there!
Here is what used to be our backyard. It seriously looks like a big bowl of snow! The drifts on this end of the yard are just below the fence! I think we'll have to do some snow diving :)

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