Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joy to the World, the Lord is come!!!

When I'm singing of my Savior's incarnation--the creator of the universe clothing himself in flesh--it's hard for me not to be filled with joy.  Maybe I just need to sing more :)  But there are so many moments in the day that my heart is filled with discontent or anger at my lot in life at that moment.  Be it a whiny child, a messy room that was supposed to be clean, a sink full of dirty dishes, a sleepless night and early morning, or the bitter cold of a Maryland winter, my heart tends toward complaining, grumbling against God.  My friend Meghann has inspired me (as she so often does!) to look for 100 joys this month as we celebrate the coming of our Savior to earth.  So here it goes!  (OK, I started this post a few days ago, so I'm just going to add some to the end from the days since and I'll be putting them in the side bar.)

# 1
That the Holy God of all would send his Son to become man and die for the sins of the world.

# 2
That He would call me to be His own forever!

# 3
My precious husband's laugh :)

# 4
When Samy talks with her hands.

# 5
When Keith is silly with me!
# 6
Isaac's smile (this is his school picture)

# 7
When Isaac brings home pictures from school that he colored just for Samy!

# 8
Singing Christmas carols in the car with Keith (even if he's way out of tune :) while we get lost in Westminster.

# 9
A French press while I read my Bible in front of the fire.

# 10
When Keith is patient with my pregnant irrationality and emotions--putting on full display the grace of God at work in him!

# 11
Wrapping Christmas presents while watching a cheesy Hallmark movie and thinking of the look on the kids faces when they open them Christmas morning.

# 12
Feeling little baby W break dancing in my belly :)

# 13
When the check-out lady at Wal-Mart remembered Samy and I and cheerfully talked with us.

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  1. I love all your posts! I love all the joys you are sharing! I just love you, dearie!! Reading your blog makes me miss you even more, but I'm so grateful for where God has both of us and that even if we can't physically hang out often (understatement) we can still grow towards our kind Savior together!!