Friday, December 24, 2010

What number am I on?

It's amazing how quickly my memories flee while I'm pregnant :)  That's what I get for waiting a few days between posting my joys!  There are certainly way more than I can list here, especially when I'm looking for them.  Last night there were so many as we went to our very first Christmas Eve service together!  (There is a second service tonight, but we'll be serving at it :)  We've always been traveling for Christmas (actually I don't think I've ever been home on Christmas).
But I'll back up a minute to the rest of our week...Keith came down with a yucky cold Tuesday and I started shortly after.  Samy was the culprit for bringing it into the house :)  She's all better, not even much of a runny nose, and Isaac just has a little bit of one.  I'm grateful the kids aren't miserable this week as we've just been home playing and getting ready for Christmas!  Though Samy did accidentally whack Isaac in the head with a doll house bed and cause him to bleed profusely the other day :)  He's fine, head injuries just bleed alot.
So yesterday Keith was going to work but had to take a sick day and we ended up watching a movie all afternoon (The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra, it was really good, though not at all Christmasy).  The kids and I made some cupcakes as our birthday cake for Jesus to share with the neighbors later today.  Isaac pulled the last straw off and put it in the manger on the fridge we've been using as our Christmas countdown.  Lazy, long mornings all week with no school and a bunch of sickies!  The kids have been up late every night talking and laughing in their bunk beds.  Keith and I got to have a date out Wednesday thanks to our wonderful sitter!

So last night's Christmas Eve service...We decided to try keeping the kids in with us since the message was short and just lots of singing.  We weren't sure how it would go :)  Well, they both surprised us and did such a great job!  We love seeing how they are maturing!!  The night started with several Christmas carols.  Isaac sang a couple, but was more concerned with knowing where we were in the program.  Samy was singing what she knew and dancing around--it was adorable!  Amazing the differences in these two :)  During the message Samy sat on my lap and drew on some paper, but was obviously listening to the message.  Josh spoke on an admittedly unexpected passage from Luke 11 and the sign of Jonah and the queen of the South (the queen of Sheba).  The first time Josh said Jonah, Samy said to me, "Jonah was a prophet!"  Yes, he was Samy :)  A few minutes later Josh said, "Jonah was a prophet."  And Samy turns around to me and said, "See, I told ya!"  I couldn't contain my laughter!  I was crying from trying not to laugh out loud!  Then every time Josh would say "the queen of Sheba" Samy would say "I love her!"  Oh, this girl :)
They did such a great job we let them have a cupcake when we got home (after bedtime already!), but hey it's Christmas!

So today there are many preparations to be done before we head on holiday travels to see family.  And right now they are calling for snow on Christmas and the day after!  Another white Christmas perhaps, just glad we'll be in our house and not Verona, VA :)

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