Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet little sickie

My precious little girl came down with a fever last night at dinner.  You could almost watch her grow sick as we ate (and she picked at it).  Seems in better spirits after a good nights sleep and is now contently watching Beauty and the Beast under a blanket by the fire.  I'm thankful she's not throwing up after complaining of a tummy ache last night :)  Just seems to be a fever and headache.
As she came to snuggle with me after breakfast I was realizing just how thankful I am for the hours alone we have every morning, for conversations and little moments that wouldn't have happened if Isaac was here.  She had climbed up in my chair with me to listen while I read the bible to her (something we do fairly often together since school started), which always leads to numerous questions from her.  This morning was another morning I had the joy to explain the gospel to her--the good news that though we need to have zero sins to go to heaven, our many sins have been placed on Christ and his zero sins imparted to us!  I love her questions and getting to talk with her about Jesus!  So many joys to list from my morning already!

# 22 Reading the bible to Samy as we sit by the fire.

# 23 Explaining the gospel to my daughter!

# 24 Watching Beauty and the Beast while snuggling with my sick little girl.

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