Monday, July 7, 2008

Born on the Fourth of July

Of all the days to have a birthday, I think the Fourth of July is the best! I turned 30 this year, which is so hard to believe, and my mom and dad made the trek from Tennessee to be with us. I got to start the day with cards and presents--I LOVE opening presents! We had fun playing outside, ate steak for dinner (which usually only happens when we're with my parents!), and then went to see some fireworks. The kids got to try cotton candy for the first time while we awaited the big show--Samy spit out the first bite and then decided she wanted more. It was such a fun day with my family!
While this was my 30th birthday in this world, this summer also marks my 10th birthday as a Christian! Certainly when I look back at my 30 years of life (what I can remember anyway) I see God's grace in so many ways, but when I see God's handiwork over the last 10 years I am even more amazed. When I think of my teen years and those early college days, it seem like another lifetime, and truly it was as now I am a new creation in Christ!! Praise and glory be to my precious Savior for how He has and is changing me to be more like Him everyday!

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