Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Isaac is THREE!!

Isaac turned three on Monday! I can hardly believe its been three years! He's getting to be such a big boy and already showing evidences of God's grace in his life! I love it when he gives Samy his toy or tells me not to forget to give Samy a fruit snack too. There have even been occasions he has let Samy use his Blankie while hers gets washed! I love hearing from his sitters and teachers that he is a joy to have and that he obeyed! I love when I say, "Isaac, Mommy was having a bad attitude and was angry." And he says, "I forgive you, Mommy!" He is such a joy to me and so much fun to get to enjoy everyday!!
We had a big family day on Saturday, partly in celebration of his birthday and partly because he filled up his sheet again for using the potty. We went to the beach, came home for naps, went out to dinner, then walked around the River Walk. The beach was a blast, the kids enjoy it so much! We had dinner at Don Pablos, and dinner out with the kids is always an adventure :o) I had two free kids meal coupons, so the kids each got their own meals. But the only thing Samy was interested in eating was the sour cream and ketchup! She dug right into the sour cream with her fingers and used her french fry to get the ketchup (she wouldn't even eat the fry!). It was rather humorous.
Isaac got to choose his b-day dinner of chicken (and ketchup!), french fries, and tomatoes. But after seeing his cake earlier in the day, he wasn't so excited about his dinner and just wanted cake :o) So, here are some pictures of the beach, dinner, birthday and some other stuff. Enjoy!

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  1. Betty says....I cannot believe he's already 3!!! And he's soooooooo cute....but you already know that. Right? Love all the pictures....glad you had fun.