Saturday, January 2, 2010

I wasn't dreaming of a white Christmas

We left for our long Christmas vacation the Friday before Christmas. There was snow forecast up here in Maryland but it wasn't supposed to arrive until midnight so we figured we had plenty of time. We left around 3 and encountered a good deal of traffic as we got into Virginia. We had been in the car less than 3 hours when it started snowing. At first it seemed like we could make it, just a little snow, right? Within 10 minutes Keith could barely see the lines on the road. A few more minutes and he was feeling a little slip here and there. Time to find a place to sleep for the night :) So, we spent two nights in the Knights Inn in Verona, Virginia--if you're wondering if it's a good vacation spot, I assure you its not :) We kept hearing rumors the next morning that the interstate was clear, but the road to our motel was not and snow was STILL falling (for almost 24 hours). Numerous cars stuck in the snow assured us we should stay another night. We ended up with almost 2 feet of snow where we were! I had grabbed all of our snow gloves (and thankfully my snow pants were in the bag too!) on the way out but nothing else. Keith walked to the Wendy's and gas station at the end of the road the first night for dinner and a $5 box of raisin bran for the next morning. Day two he made the 1.5 mile trek through two feet of snow in tennis shoes to the Food Lion for some more food. He's my hero! For being stuck in a tiny (and nasty) motel room for 2 days, the kids did surprisingly well. We took them up to the lobby once to run around and they got covered in snow on the way back and totally soaked. We left early Sunday morning to brave 100 miles of ice and snow on the roads. We drove 6 hours straight without a single stop or complaint from our children! I think they were as glad as us to be going to Grammy & Papaw's house and not staying in that motel!
Not that I ever want to repeat it, but it certainly made some memories!

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