Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Christmas travels

So I still have plenty more to share from after our snowy adventure on the way to Tennessee. We had a wonderful (though short) time with my family in Knoxville. Presents, food, games, lots of playful children, and a dress for every princess Samy could think of :) The kids had a great time with their cousins! We only got to stay a couple days then we were off to Georgia. Our first stop was in Woodstock to see our dear friends from Orlando who have relocated to Georgia. What a rich time, but way too short!!
Then we were on to Macon to see all of Keith's relatives--all of them! I love how we get to see all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins at one location! The kids had a blast with Grandan & Bubbe and Grandma! Dan and Linda had planned some little "treasure hunts" for the kids on their property ("Grandan's woods" as Isaac calls it), which was just a hoot for all of us. Samy was gung-ho on digging up her treasure until we got there. She held the little shovel for about 2 seconds and declared, "I can't" in that sweet little voice of hers :)
Isaac had way too much fun riding the four-wheeler. You could hear him laughing even though you couldn't see them. And apparently four-wheeling isn't so good for hernias (Isaac has one that is getting fixed this month) because Christmas night we had a good scare when he woke up in serious pain. We had him in the car ready to go to the emergency room when his surgeon called us back and said to put him in a warm bath and see if that helped. We certainly had our doubts that it would, but I guess the surgeon knows what he's talking about :) after about 10 minutes Isaac was calm and feeling better and asked, "Can I have something to eat?" Our little eating machine :)
We were off to Knoxville again, but stopped in Atlanta on the way up to hear my older brother preach! What a treat that we got to be there for his "debut" :) It's so encouraging to see God's work in Mark's life going from "Gaston" likeness in college (a very proud, vain guy in Beauty & the Beast) to such a humble man of God! We're so grateful for the example Mark and Kim and their children are to us!
So, then Keith was able to work remotely in Knoxville for a couple days and I got to have more time with my fam :) What a blessing!!!

And since then I've been trying to recoup and get our house back in order. Here's lots of pictures from our journey (though none from our motel b/c I wasn't willing to go dig it out from the back of the van).

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