Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our growing children

Our little cuties are growing like weeds! Today we got Samy a big girl bed. This week Isaac read a sentence. And they are becoming such good friends!
I've been going through "100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read" with Isaac, and he's picking it up fast. This week he read his first sentence (which they call a story): "See me eat." He wanted to color the little picture they had in the book and then he drew his own. It was helpful being told by an older, wiser lady this week to not tell little boys to sit still, they just can't :) And he never does! Always looking around, fidgeting but he's learning while he does it.
Samy was so excited about her new bed! Tomorrow she and I are going on a date to find a comforter for her big girl bed--she already told me she wants purple :) And we've been working on potty training again, which is going really well. She certainly is aware of what she's doing because it only took a couple reminders and now she's telling me (most of the time) that she needs to go potty (except number 2). When she finally does go all the time, she gets to go to the toy store and pick something out--she's already decided it will be a princess, though it oscillates between Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

And those two are just adorable together! They've become such good friends, playing together all day with MUCH less fighting than there has been. Samy is the one asking Isaac to play in the basement now. They run around or play with her dollhouse together, which is pretty funny. I love overhearing their scenarios which go between reality like taking baths, going to bed, the kids saying "I'm hungry" over and over, and Papaw changing Samy's poopy diaper--oh wait that's not reality :) and of course complete fantasy, like the other day when a dragon landed on their house and Mommy fought him off :)
I love seeing God work in their little hearts and grow their friendship!

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