Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Most of all, thanks for...

Before we eat dinner, Keith always asks Isaac, "Who's going to pray?" Last night the answer was, "Me!" Keith has to kind of help him along, but he's starting to pray by himself more. Last night it went something like this:
"God, thank you for this food. Thanks for mommy cooking. Thanks for daddy's job. Thanks for Samy. Thanks for everything you do for us. But most of all thanks for Jesus...and candy!"

It was hilarious!! You gotta love children's prayers!


  1. I just loved when my kids started praying at the dinner table. One time Erika said this really long and very spiritual prayer (maybe 3 years old). When she was finished, our mouths just dropped in amazement. And other times, Tim and I would just have to hold back the laughter. What joy!