Sunday, November 2, 2008

A princess and McQueen

Covenant Life had a Harvest Party on Friday night, so we dressed up (well, Keith couldn't find a good costume) and headed over. I was thankful to find a little pink dress for Samy for $5 at TJ Maxx, making her costume a cinch, but Isaac was tough. He was a pirate last year and a baseball player the year before (both so easy to put together) and I was out of ideas based on what we had around the house. To make a long story short, I finally decided on Lightning McQueen from Cars--Isaac is always running around making the music from the movie and saying he's Lightning McQueen (I wish I could put a recording of how he says it!). So I spent all day Friday making Lightning McQueen out of a cardboard box. Amazingly I had everything on hand to finish the costume, right down to red ribbon to hold it on him. The engineer in me really came out as I tried to figure out how to do this, and I had so much fun! It's a good thing too because Isaac wore it for less than 5 minutes :o) But I do think he'll play in it around the house.
I dressed up in Meghann's 70s dress (on loan from when we did our skit for my parents' 60th birthdays), but no pictures of me because I had the camera. Gary Ricucci said he was having flashbacks to Woodstock :o)

We had such a great time and the kids enjoyed the candy!


  1. I am SO impressed by your costumes! WOW! Great hanging out with you tonight, by the way. :)

  2. Great job on the Lightning McQueen costume...he looks great!

  3. Awww...they are so cute. I think Samy has grown a ton in such a short time. I miss you so much and loved talking with you today! Call you soon...who knows I may even email you ;0)!!!