Saturday, November 8, 2008

You know you're in a small town when...

Starbucks closes at 8 pm!!!

Melissa and I went out for coffee last Sunday night and arrived at Starbucks only to find it closed. We couldn't believe it :o) So we had to go to Safeway and get our Starbucks there and then go sit at the PC (though we were going there anyway to decorate Keith's office for his birthday).
I'm still baffled at not being in the "big city" anymore :o)


  1. LOVE this post!! But hey, we made a memory right!!! I thought it was hilarious that we were just cackling like girls and suddenly realized we may be disturbing the poor, studious PC guys in the next room! :) Good times!

  2. I totally did the exact same thing! Although we were by the Giant and there was no other Starbucks to fall back on. I don't think anything retail closes at 8pm in AZ? So funny!